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Alex the Astronaut: The Theory of Absolutely Nothing Album Review

By Jennifer Ariola
Music Journalist

Artist: Alex the Astronaut 
The Theory of Absolutely Nothing 
Release Date:
August 21, 2020

Alex the Astronaut, also known as Alexandra Lynn just released her album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing. The album is folk-pop as well as alternative-indie and does a good job capturing an experience through her songs.

By this, I mean she amplifies the theme of coming of age. Lynn writes about her experiences that made her the adult she is today, including the loss of a close friend, domestic violence and moving into her place.

Being folk-pop, the album has a range of faster and slower-paced songs. The first song on the album, “The Happy Song,” is a joyous message about living freely and the importance of taking time to simply just be happy.

This is one of the many faster-paced songs; the others being “Lost,” “I Think You’re Great,” and “Caught in the Middle.” She also tackles the opposite side of the spectrum, like in “I Like to Dance,” “Christmas in July,” and “Banksia.” These songs are slower and manage to create somber and a handful of other emotions.

I listened to this album two times in order and once on shuffle and it is safe to say that I love everything about this album. Lynn caught lightning in a bottle with this album.

She is transparent about how she’s suffered, the music is unique-sounding and every single song makes me feel something. Personally, my favorites are “Lost,” “I Like to Dance,” and “Caught in the Middle,” but I recommend listening to the full album. 

Featured image by The Theory of Absolutely Nothing album cover.

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