Photo of the band members of Dizzy sitting on a kitchen counter.

Dizzy: The Sun and Her Scorch Album Review

By Ashley Farnie
Music Journalist

As their second studio album following Baby Teeth, Dizzy encapsulates the feelings and emotions brought on by young love in their newest release, The Sun and Her Scorch.

With a poetic, lyrical title, the entirety of the album carries this theme throughout its 11 tracks which begin and end with cyclical bookends allowing for seamless streaming.

The intro and outro, “Worms” and “Worms II,” set up the thematic subject matter for the album. Opening with a cinematic sound, preparing the listener for an intense love story, these tracks discuss the loss of familiar and fraternal connections while in a relationship.

 Following an analogy alluding to the dream analysis of one’s teeth falling out, the upbeat sound of “Sunflower” explores the end of a relationship. The ending of the track involves a looping of verses that makes the overall tone of the song sound chaotic, depicting the feelings when dealing with the end of a breakup.

Released as a single before the album, “Roman Candles” reminisces on the positive aspects of the relationship in the album storyline. This track ties with the rest of the album both thematically and geographically by mentioning locations the aforementioned couple visited while together, like ‘Beatrice St’.

This song encompasses both a nostalgic tune with lo-fi beats, seemingly to soundtrack a movie trailer, as well as the representation of shooting fireworks to contrast the end of the relationship. With the loss of a significant person in their life, Dizzy ponders the effects this has on each partners’ life, equating the roman candles to a pastime developed as a coping mechanism.

“Daylight Savings Time” furthers the thematic element of the album, incorporating the setting of the sun and change of seasons in relation to love. This lyrical ballad references the seasonal depression associated with and brought on by the wintertime change and the early setting of the sun.

Despite the progression of time, the emotions of a breakup follow us through to the next stage of life.

My favorite track and a beautiful closure to this masterpiece of an album is “Ten.” This song ties a bow on the story of The Sun and Her Scorch.  On track ten, Dizzy explores the concepts of sleep and death, signifying the end to the album and the story itself.

The minimal drumming incorporated in this track builds up for a final farewell and a mentioning of the album title. 

Dizzy tells a story about a relationship through their lyricism and emotion-evoking melodies in The Sun and Her Scorch. With these elements combined, the experience can be felt by listeners as an emotional discourse spanning an entire relationship. 

Featured image The Sun and Her Scorch album cover.

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