Water: The Liquid Magic

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Not drinking enough water can do harm to your overall health. If you realize you have bad acne or are constantly getting headaches it may be because you are not drinking enough water. Although drinking eight glasses of water is recommended, drinking even a little bit more than you usually do can help your health anyway.

Water provides hydration for your skin which can help it stay looking youthful and clear. Photo by Megan Bandstra

If you notice you face has been sprinkled with reddish blemishes, drinking more water may be the only remedy you need. Sometimes, especially during the colder months, your skin might be a little drier than usual. Again, the answer is simply, water. If you notice that you’re developing fine lines, water can also help fill them right in. Water provides hydration for your skin which can help it stay looking youthful and clear. This will help your skin repair itself so that those little marks have a better chance of disappearing.

Water could significantly improve how your skin looks overall, so if you have one of these problems it could help. Headaches can be caused by many factors. Not drinking enough water can definitely be one of them. When your head feels like you’ve been thinking too much it could be because it’s asking for more water. Not having enough water means that your body is losing more water than its receiving. One example of this is a hot day. When you are sweating more than usual, your body needs water so that it can replace whatever it has sweated out.

Water is the liquid magic for overall health. Photo by Megan Bandstra

About a week ago I eliminated soda and other sugary drinks and began to drink water only. Since then, I can already notice the difference in my skin. Now remember that everyone is different, so results are subjective. I can say that the reddish spots I have on my face have slowly lightened up. I have also noticed that I’m not as thirsty as I use to be. I do miss drinking lemonade and sweet tea, but water doesn’t make me feel as sluggish as I used to be. I feel more energized for my day and if I do start feeling tired in the afternoon, I drink some water to pick me back up. Water is something that we know we should be drinking but most people forget about its benefits. Once you start incorporating it in to your daily diet, its sure to remind you of its magic.

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