MR Fest 2017 Artist Profile: Taiga

By Lindsey Petterson
Music Journalist


Austin based indie-rock band, Taiga, originally formed in 2012 as a two piece. The like-minded founding members include Brad Pendleton on guitar and Jack Alden on drums. Their debut was an EP called For Starters… Briefly after the release the band added another member to play bass, Owen Platt. In 2014 the three-piece outfit released another EP titled A Dreamer’s Debt. Greg Shamburek joined the band to play drums, as Alden switched to guitar and vocals in 2015. Ever since, Taiga has been expanding their musical abilities to always create a unique sound influenced by psychedelic rock and roots.

Initially, Taiga’s music could be described as emotional indie rock but as the band grew, the sound evolved to become danceable indie pop. One of their newer songs, “Push” has clear psych influence but is danceable like pop music and still captures the rock influence it had when the band started. Their music is available on soundcloud, and their website tells the entire tale of Taiga’s musical journey.

Be sure to check Taiga out at Aquabrew at 3:15 during MR Fest, you do not want to miss this!

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