Dave Depper: Emotional Freedom Technique Review

By Carlos Chavez
Music Journalist

Artist: Dave Depper
Album: Emotional Freedom Technique
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Website: http://www.davedepper.com/

When it comes to notable résumés in the music industry, Dave Depper’s is one that should not go unnoticed. From recording and touring with bands and artists like The Fruit Bats, Anya Marina, Menomena and Laura Gibson, to his latest gig being a full-time guitarist for the well-known indie rock band, Death Cab for Cutie. Depper has had an immeasurable amount of experience in the industry. However, even with all of Depper’s knowledge in music, I could not help but wonder what took him so long to release a solo record.

He explains in interviews that one of the inspirations that contributed to the foundation of Emotional Freedom Technique was by playing the “20 song game” – a well-known game amongst artists and songwriters where they individually write and compose 20 songs in 12 hours. By doing this, Depper was able to find his own sound, which is something he struggled with most of his musical career.

Emotional Freedom Technique mixes various sounds like folk, blues, synth-pop and even some country. These genres make up this nine-track masterpiece that is ultimately an anthem for the broken heart. And even this sad-boy record will make you groove to every tune, instrument and melody that is produced. A record you listen to on your night-drive home, a chime you blast after everyone has left the after party.

Bowie, Prince and ABBA are a few that influenced the sound of this collection. Reminiscent impressions of Bowie’s famous “Space Oddity” can be distinguished in “Lonely With You”, while ABBA’s europop strains can be found on tracks like “EZ-101” and “Summer Days”.

Depper ornates every track into their own unique synth melodies that ultimately make this album one-of-a-kind.

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