Processions: Blush Review

By Lindsey Petterson
Music Journalist

Artist: Processions
Album: Blush
Release Date: June 18, 2017

Texas shoegaze is thriving right now. The scene is packed with unique bands like Glare, Glaze, Walking Misery, Grivo and Processions. Seeing these passionate bands perform is a wild experience that will leave you feeling fuzzy and full. If the opportunity arises, do not miss a show with these bands on the bill! Listening to their recorded music is just as mesmerizing, but in a different way. The San Antonio gazers, Processions, recently released their EP Blush.

Blush starts with the song “Runaways”, the shortest track. “Runaways” is a fun upbeat jam that sets the dreamy tone for the rest of the 18-minute album. The vocals are intense with reverb, and feel like they expand forever. The drums keep the album moving with passion, which is a fast and driving tempo. Next is “C-Section”, which differs from the first track in that while it still carries the dreamy instrumentation and vocals, the melody is flowy and the lyrics are somber. The guitar solo sets both the track and the band apart from the genre that can sometimes blend together. “Solipsist” feels more like bedroom pop than the rest with the echoey and muffled vocals, and drum machine sounding drums. The short album finishes with “Blush,” which deserves to be blasted at full volume. The four minute, 20 second long song starts gently and swells into powerful beauty. I don’t want to give too much away about this song because it is truly worth the first listen being in your own experience.

Check out this album, and be sure to catch Processions at various venues and houses in San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin. Check out their Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp!

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