People of UTOPiA Fest Gallery

By Renee Dominguez

The second we drove into the Four Sisters Ranch, I knew this was going to be different than any other festival I had been to, and I wanted a way to capture the core of this festival. I knew I was going to come back from this festival coverage with some sort of photo gallery. What I didn’t know was what my gallery was going to focus on. I love taking concert photography and capturing the moment when someone is in pure passion mode on stage. As I walked around the festival and noticed all the simple beauties that surrounded me, I realized that I needed to showcase everything other than the music. Of course, I took a sizable number of photos of the bands. My focus, however became the people of UTOPiA Fest. What did the people that attended this festival look like? What did they sound like? What was their story? I wanted to share that with everyone who wasn’t there, and somehow, I had to do that through silent photographs of them. I hope that I was successful in capturing the carefree, generous and uplifting spirit that haunted the Four Sisters Ranch on that September weekend in the small town of Utopia, Texas.

These are some of the personalities I was honored to have met while I was there:

All images by Renee Dominguez.

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