Is Floribama Shore the New Jersey Shore?

By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

At the end of 2012, thousands of Jersey Shore fans were devastated to find out their favorite show had been canceled. While the cast’s desires to move on to a different part of their lives was understandable, it left many of us looking for shows that would come close or even compare to the original. This is what drove MTV to film the show Floribama Shore, which premiered November 27th for the first time.

The reality show films eight individuals spending their summer in Panama City Beach in a quest to find love, themselves, and to get wild. While the first episodes are enough to keep you entertained with fights, excessive drinking, and boy drama, viewers are already contemplating whether or not the show will be as successful as Jersey Shore. In fact, social media users are already criticizing it and saying it lacks the culture and depth as its prequel. The content is not the only thing getting attacked though; the show is now getting attacked for naming itself after the famous bar “Flori-Bama”. The bar is quite angry with MTV taking their hard earned name, especially because the owners told the company to stop beforehand. With so much negative chatter about the new show, the question is: Is Floribama Shore going to be the new Jersey Shore?

After watching two episodes in, my answer is probably not. Jersey Shore gave us the authenticity most modern reality shows don’t have anymore. While in many shows it is easy to hate certain characters, we were able to fall in love with the cast while seeing them at their best and worst times. This isn’t to say that we won’t fall in love with Floribama Shore eventually, but to say that we can’t expect it to be another Jersey Shore. After all, nothing can be better than an original.

Featured image via MTV.

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