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Valentine’s Day Sound Portrait

By Jaden Edison
Senior Production Assistant

A married couple is faced with the ultimate obstacle — the wife’s parents are not fans of their son-in-law because he is not what they “imagined” him to be. After years of discomfort with this reality, the wife decides to split from her husband and file for divorce. Years later, they come across each other and begin a friendship — a friendship where they can genuinely share their love for each other without any outside interference.

I decided to tell this story because of the current generational outlook on Valentine’s Day. I feel that whenever individuals think about love, they believe that it has to come through having a significant other of some sort. However, that is not the case. Love does not discriminate; it comes in many different forms with the most obvious being friendship. I believe this story conveys that sentiment.

About the speaker: My name is Jaden Edison. Originally from Chicago, IL, my family & I moved to Houston, Texas in 2008 and have been in the state ever since. I am a sophomore electronic media major at Texas State that thoroughly enjoys creating, music, family, movies, and friendships. My ultimate goal in life is to place my family in a position of ultimate comfort; whether or not it is through their own success or monetary measures. Ultimate happiness and comfort is all I truly care about.

Featured image courtesy of Jaden Edison.

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