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Helpful Tips for Landing an Internship

By Daniel Richter
Web Content Contributor

Most college students are attending school for the same main reason—to get a good job. A good way to gain the work experience that future employers are looking for is by getting an internship. But landing an internship can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you land a killer internship!

1. It’s never a bad time to apply.

Companies are always looking for extra help. Summer internships are desirable for a lot of students because that’s when they will be out of school; however, it is never a bad time to get some experience if your schedule permits.

2. Network yourself.

A great way to get an internship is by already knowing someone in the company you are applying to. One easy way to network is by talking to your professor about opportunities they are aware of. LinkedIn is also a great way to network.

3. Clean up your social media.

A very easy way to ruin your chances of landing a job of any kind is by having a messy social media presence. It might not be a bad idea to scroll through your old tweets and Facebook posts to make sure nothing you posted could be seen as problematic or could be taken the wrong way. If your friends have tagged you in problematic pictures, don’t be afraid to ask them to take them down.

4. Apply to as many places as possible.

It’s competitive out there. The odds of you applying to only one internship and getting it is very low. It’s a good idea to apply to as many internships are possible. Some resources that I found to be very helpful are Jobs4Cats, Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs.

5. Cater your resume for every application.

Every individual internship application is going to be asking you to do different responsibilities and they are going to be looking for different skills. If you adjust your resume to fit the specific needs of the internship you are applying for you will have a better chance of landing it.

6. Follow up.

If you submitted an application and have not heard back from the company, don’t be afraid to follow up with them and ask questions. Companies want to see you being proactive and showing interest. If you feel inclined, you could even go into the company’s office and ask to speak to someone.

7. Prepare for your interview.

Just because you landed an interview doesn’t mean you landed a job. Odds are you have just been placed on the short list of people the company is considering. This is your time to stand out and prove to them that you are the right choice. Here are a few quick interview tips that will be helpful.

  • · Dress to impress
  • · Display confidence
  • · Do some research on the company
  • · Be ready to talk about your experience
  • · Have some questions prepared for them

8. Seriously– follow up!

Stay in communication with the company following your interview. Let them know that you appreciate their time. If they don’t reach out to you several days after the interview, contact them so that they know you are still very interested.

Good luck with all your internship endeavors!

Featured image by Daniel Richter.

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