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How to Stay on top of School during Quarantine

By Ally Bolender
Assistant Web Content Manager

Nearly all high schools and colleges in the country are closed due to COVID-19; this means you are most likely taking remote classes, juggling your assignments and getting 500 emails a day.

This change is hard for anyone, especially if you’re someone who needs to feel that they are caught up and on top of school work.

So, here are some tips that I’ve started to utilize in my daily routine that will be a tremendous help in your semester.

1. Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!

During the school year, I was an avid planner user. The importance of making lists and scratching off what has been done has always been an important factor in my academic performance.

However, now that the circumstances are very different, it’s a lot more difficult to stay on track.

Instead of just telling you, “do your work and stay on track,” this tip will have you cleaning out your to-do list in no time. You don’t need a planner; a sticky note will even do.

Simply write down everything you need to turn in for the week– as well as tests and other important dates. When you’re able to visualize the work that lies ahead, it doesn’t seem too bad.

You’ll be able to set up a plan for your assignments and lessons while avoiding the confusion and last-minute turn-ins. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

I like to start every Monday by checking my syllabi. I mark down everything I have for the week while assigning them days to complete them on; that way, I know I’m not working myself too hard and feel confident that I have everything ready to submit.

2. Set an alarm—And stick to it.

Okay, I will admit, this one has been tricky; however, if you’re serious about keeping up that GPA, it’ll do great things for you.

Try setting your alarm to the time you usually wake up to, stretch, get some coffee, have a relaxing morning and then begin your assignments for the day.

Having an alarm set will keep you on track, keep your circadian rhythm on schedule and keep you feeling great once you’ve done all your work.

If you’re waking up at a decent time and completing what you need to do, binging Netflix and taking that precious mid-day nap will feel SO much better because YOU DESERVE IT!

It’ll be hard at first, but so worth it. Just remember, you’re still in school and you can do whatever you want with your day once you’ve done what you need to do.

3. Don’t consume too much at once.

The emails, notifications, grade posts—Oh my!

If you’re taking online classes and working from home, your time in front of the screen has easily doubled. It’s important to not get burnt out or stretch yourself too thin.

To keep myself from getting worn out with all the schoolwork and screen time, I like to designate a time at night where I go through all my emails and notifications at once.

From there, I can make adjustments to my schedule for the next day.

If you need a break, take it. Don’t skip lunch, take a walk and breath in some fresh air.

School is important, but I can promise you it’s not as important as your mental health. Do what works for you and keep in mind that this is affecting everyone; you’re not alone!

I hope that these tips can offer some structure during these crazy times; stay safe, stay inside, stay happy.

Featured image by Ally Bolender via Canva.

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