How to Make a Vision Board for Your Goals

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By Stacey Ramirez
Web Content Contributor

What is a vision board?

A vision board is used for many things. In creative careers such as marketing and brand development, vision boards are used to present an idea or concept using images. But many also use vision boards for personal development as a form of goal setting and manifestations. 

The reason it’s so popular is because many believe there’s power in seeing the images repeatedly and it reinforces your belief in those goals. They also create positive emotions that help encourage you when times are difficult. 

If you believe in manifestation, this positive energy in turn is supposed to attract more positive energy to things on your board. And even if you don’t manifest, the images are meant to remind you about the goal you are working hard for.

Make a list 

The first step to making a vision board is making a list of what your goals are and what you want to manifest into your life. What are those goals you want to achieve or the things you want to buy? 

For example, if someone wants to buy a house, they would look for a picture of a house they really like. Your goals and desires can be anything from a new job, a new phone to new friendships. It should be something you really want and are passionate about.

pen on a journal
Making a list of all the goals you want to accomplish is the beginning to a successful vision board. Photo by Stacey Ramirez.

Find photos

Now you’re going to need photos. If you’re choosing to do a digital board on your phone or computer you can just search images up on Google. Use your photos from your phone, or go on Pinterest and find them or save them to your board. If you’re making a physical board you can collect magazines and clip out the photo you need, or search for them online and print them out. 

Apps or physical board

The next step would be to decide how you want to make your vision board. There are plenty of apps that allow you to make your collage digitally such as PicCollage, Photoshop or Pinterest. The other option would be to make a physical board that will require you to collect the photos and glue or tape them together on a canvas or cardboard.

Making the board

Now, just put the images together. You can make more than one board. You can edit into the thing you want right now or the thing you want 10 years from now. Or, you can make one for all your travel goals and another for your career goals.

Where to keep your vision board

Keep it somewhere you can see it as much as possible if not all the time. It’s important to see it frequently to remind you of your goals and what you are working towards. This could mean making it your new home screen on your phone or laptop or pinning it on your wall. The important thing is that you have it somewhere you’re able to see it every day.


Mediation itself is a good practice to implement in your life, but it’s also beneficial to meditate with your vision board. It might help strike some inspiration or help you find an answer to a problem that’s been keeping you from reaching your goal. 

Remember to visualize yourself as if you have accomplished or received everything in your vision board. Imagine how you would react and how it would make you feel.


Like mediation, journaling is also very beneficial to practice. Just like teachers and professors have always said writing out notes is more beneficial than just listening or typing, journaling about your goals is also very powerful. Write about your goals and dreams and why you want them. This is a good way to reflect on your goals.

white canvas, cut out photos, and scissors
A vision board is a great way to see your goals in images. Photo by Stacey Ramirez.

Featured image by Stacey Ramirez.

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