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No Joy: Motherhood Album Review

By Jennifer Ariola
Music Journalist

Artist: No Joy
Release Date:
August 21, 2020

No Joy is a Canadian band that is focused on indie rock music. Motherhood, their latest album,was released in August. Previously, the band had released three other albums and a handful of singles and EPs. The band consists of 3 members: Jasamine White-Gluz, Garland Hastings, Michael Farsky.

Their newest album was genre-shifting, filled with chilled out indie music and hardcore indie rock. 

Some songs such as “Why Mothers Die” and “Signal Lights” are mellow and calming, on the other hand, “Dream Rats” and “Four” have some vicious heavy metal influences within them.

The lyrics within Motherhood are a bit darker than most songs. Throughout the album, No Joy uses words like “happy bleeding” and “may your womb dry up” to portray themes of grief, regret, and suffering. 

Featured image via Motherhood album review.

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