The album cover is of a desert scene

Post Animal: When I Think Of You In A Castle Album Review

By Maddy Lehr
Music Journalist

Psychedelic rock comes in so many different forms, and that is something I really love about the genre. The six-piece Chicago-based band, Post Animal, is a perfect representation of this. They have released quite a bit of heavy psychedelic rock tunes, but expect some prog rock and even power pop as well. 

Post Animal’s debut album, When I Think Of You In A Castle, shows off their wide variety with their classic melodic rock songs with a mix of strong power pop. Comparing this album to their past EP’s, you can hear a shift in confidence and power. 

When I Think Of You In A Castle was self-produced and recorded in a cabin by the lake. Their isolation fabricated an upbeat, colorful album. Some of my favorites include “Gelatin Mode,” “Ralphie,” “Heart Made Of Metal,” and “Victory Lap: Danger Zone.”

The second single released as part of their debut album, “Gelatin Mode,” can be characterized as heavy psychedelic rock. However, to your surprise, halfway through the song breaks into dark sludge. When played live, the crowd goes wild with excitement. The energy that emanates from the stage while playing “Gelatin Mode” is unmatched. 

“Ralphie,” the lead single off of When I Think Of You In A Castle, truly stands out. This gem of a song shows off Post Animal’s run with upbeat power pop. This track is full of extremely catchy vocal hooks and guitar riffs. “Ralphie” is a fan favorite as it is their second most popular song. 

The ninth track on the album is titled “One Thing.” This song strays away from their heavy psychedelic rock sound to bring in a slower vibe. They make use of an ’80s inspired synthesizer. It is very reminiscent of that classic spacey ’80s pop sound; mix that with Post Animal’s signature dominant guitars and you have an amazing dreamy, psychedelic tune. 

Post Animal’s past EPs focus strongly on the dreamy, fuzzy side of psychedelia. The growth between their past releases and When I Think Of You In A Castle is apparent.

Their latest album, Forward Motion Godyssey, has almost an eerie tone to it while still combining their heavy rock sound heard in their debut album. Post Animal is perfect for anyone who loves psychedelic rock as it includes almost every genre within that category. I highly recommend their entire discography!

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