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Album Review: Love Moor’s Love

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By Blaire Bussey

Music Journalist

Up-and-coming musical artist Love Moor, known by some for her smooth vocals and by others for her soulful sound, has recently released her very own EP titled Love on March 15. The EP has a unique and energetic R&B sound, and even the more mellow tracks will have the listeners wanting to get up and dance to her reggae-inspired hits.


The album sounds like a whimsical soundtrack for a journey of self-realization, falling out of bad habits and falling in love with yourself instead. In celebration of this album’s release, allow us to showcase some of our favorites from the EP and discuss why you could benefit from giving the songs a listen!


The opening track of the EP, “Fantasies” is an immediate must for those on their self-love journey. The chorus in particular carries a strong message of preserving one’s feelings and inner peace. Love Moor is honest with both herself and the song’s muse, saying, “If you can’t love don’t come loving me.” Love Moor does not mean to mince words, and she does not need to.


Part of having healthy and functioning relationships is the ability to be upfront and honest, and that bold first step to self-love is being taken in track one. Love Moor sets boundaries for those wanting to be close to her, sending the clear message that if love is not a priority to them, then she cannot be one either, a message many could take to heart.


For her fourth track, “Libra Scale” the audience is invited in on one of Love Moor’s mellow and pensive life lessons. In this song, the scales of the astrological sign Libra are explored as a metaphor for one person in the relationship having more at stake than the other somehow, as implied by the line “just meet me in the middle” as it is a reference to how scales meet in the middle when equal weight is carried by each side.


This track places special emphasis on trying to navigate a relationship with someone who is not putting an equal amount of work or effort into keeping the relationship alive. However, Love Moor is not here to play mind games with the song’s subject, saying “not trying to play the fool to your voodoo.” She is unafraid to call out the subject and is quick to hold them accountable for “pulling [her] down,” as Love Moor says. The courage to hold others accountable for their actions is admirable, and easily a lesson that is useful to apply to our own lives.


Whether we are ready to dance and celebrate or are contemplating the spaces our relationships take up in our lives, Love Moor’s Love has a track for just that feeling. Love Moor understands that the journey to self-love is not a linear process; it has its own unique ups and downs that affect our everyday life. If you need to feel understood or just want something to dance to, Love Moor is the artist for all your music-listening needs.


Artist: Love Moor

Album: Love

Release Date: March 15, 2023


Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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