KTSW Sports: Week 4 Media Luncheon

Sports Check out what Coach Fran, Coach Conway, Tyler Arndt and Jason McLean had to say at the weekly media luncheon. A side note, just because Tyler Arndt was present, does not indicate that Arndt will start over Rutherford this week against SFA. Coach Fran http://youtu.be/7kBRxwMsD_o Coach Conway http://youtu.be/Ctm_Rkewv5Q Jason McLean http://youtu.be/xjZZF1cBccc Tyler Arndt http://youtu.be/anwc9OOAZqo Continue reading KTSW Sports: Week 4 Media Luncheon

A Perfect Weekend for Texas State Volleyball

By Aren Wolf KTSW Sports Well, today is the day to be thankful you are a Texas State Bobcat fan and did not have to travel with the women’s volleyball team to Beaumont, Texas. And it’s not because of the team’s performance. If you did travel or meet us in Beaumont, then you probably have some idea to what I’m talking about. KTSW made it possible to enjoy the game without stepping foot in Beaumont. The Texas State Women’s Volleyball team crunched their competitors in the Lamar Invitational at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. The team arrived Thursday night, checked-in, … Continue reading A Perfect Weekend for Texas State Volleyball

A Win for the Ages

By Lane Lewis KTSW Sports I would love to tell you that I walked into Robertson Stadium Saturday night expecting (or even THINKING) that Texas State would beat a Houston Cougars team that was ranked in the top 10 last year and was one loss away from playing in a BCS bowl game. That, to be honest, just wouldn’t be true. I took my seat fully expecting a blowout. I got one in the form of a 30-13 beat down from what looked to be the clearly better team. I just picked the wrong one to come out on top. … Continue reading A Win for the Ages

View from the sidelines: Week one preview

KTSW Sports The Texas State Bobcats kick off the 2012 season in Houston Saturday. This year is a groundbreaking one for Texas State’s athletic department and especially the football team. First season as a FBS football team, first and only season in the Western Athletic Conference, and a newly renovated stadium designed to hold up to 30,000 fans. There has been so much excitement surrounding the football team and the upcoming Texas Tech game that it is a concern the Bobcats are overlooking week one. Earlier this week, Coach Franchione addressed the media assuring that is not the case. Fran … Continue reading View from the sidelines: Week one preview