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Reasons to Love Jo’s

By DeMornay Harper Web Content Contributor Jo’s is a true San Marcos gem. With what feels like a never-ending amount of unique coffee shops in our small college town, picking a favorite can seem inconceivable. Despite these odds, I truly believe I have found where my heart lies in the café community here. Jo’s has so much to offer. First of all, the food makes this place a super viable […]

todayNovember 14, 2017 20

San Maximum

San Maximum: Jo’s Coffee House

By Austin Cowan Blog Content Contributor Jo’s Coffee House creates both food and drinks, allowing this quaint little house to cater to both coffee-lovers and coffee-haters. The peaceful ambiance makes this place ideal to study an assignment, chat with an old friend or just relax. Breakfast and lunch are both served here. If anyone desires to achieve the maximum San Marcos experience, then they must stop by Jo’s Coffee House. […]

todayOctober 5, 2016 26

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Great Places to Eat Around San Marcos

By Alisa Pierce Blog Content Contributor The new school year is starting and thousands of new students are moving to San Marcos. If you’re like me whenever I came to Texas State, you’ll be lost in a sea full of people that you’ve never met and facing all kinds of new experiences. This might cause you to need some comfort food, but who can blame you? If you’re new to San […]

todaySeptember 13, 2016 39

San Maximum

San Maximum: Café on the Square

By Austin Cowan Blog Content Contributor From morning to dusk, Café on the Square is faithfully serving its customers some of the finest food in Texas. The rich aroma of coffee welcomes customers through the front doors before they sink their teeth into a stack of soft pancakes, or a juicy cheeseburger. The mouthwatering food, relaxed atmosphere and radiant wait staff keep customers coming back for more. People from all backgrounds and […]

todayJune 27, 2016 12

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