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Cleopatrick band members, at the age of 8 in their elementary classroom. Their eyes are blacked out.


Cleopatrick: Bummer Album Review

By Christian Villarreal Music Journalist Rock music has gone through many changes and has adopted several subgenres since its creation, but rock music itself has been relatively unchanged. Cleopatrick has set their minds to breaking the mold surrounding rock music and is renovating the rock genre altogether with their debut album Bummer. Fuzzy guitar riffs and catchy beats are the least that the Canadian Rock-duo Cleopatrick can do. The band released […]

todayJuly 9, 2021 6


Julian Casablancas: Phrazes For The Young Review

By Gabriela SolisMusic Journalist Over a decade ago, in 2009, Julian Casablancas released his debut solo album Phrazes For The Young. Best known as The Strokes’ frontman, Casablancas took some time after the band’s short hiatus in 2005 to compose his very first alternative rock album without most of his usual bandmates. Phrazes For The Young, a reference to an Oscar Wilde book, is a mere eight songs long and […]

todayOctober 26, 2020 3


Van Halen: Van Halen (1978) Album Review

By Gabriela SolisMusic Journalist On Oct. 6, 2020, world-renowned rock legend Eddie Van Halen passed away at age 65. Van Halen was the co-founder and guitarist for the classic rock band Van Halen, so it’s safe to say the world of rock music has been shaken to the core with the tragic loss of such an influential rockstar. Reviewing his band’s first studio album seems only necessary during this grieving […]

todayOctober 17, 2020 2

speaker, music notes and headphones on a paper bag background


Sound City Studios’ Place in Rock Music History

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at a recording studio? Picture it: you’re young and you don’t really know what you’re doing, but you have nothing to lose and you spend everyday working alongside some of the greatest bands and artists alive. Well, that’s the story the Sound City Recording Studio tells. The Sound City documentary, directed by Dave Grohl, […]

todayJune 20, 2020 1

The album art of Palm’s two albums and one EP


Palm: Rock’s Newest Experiment

By Faith VaraMusic Journalist Have you ever wondered what a band would sound like without traditionally learning how to play their instruments? Well look no further than Philadelphia’s experimental art-rock band, Palm. On the surface, Palm might look like a normal band: two guitars, a bass, drums and a couple singers. But if you listen to anything the group has released, it becomes clear that this band is definitely anything […]

todayNovember 18, 2019


Celebrate Clash Day With KTSW

By Allison Johnson Assistant Web Content Manager Make sure you tune into KTSW 89.9 tomorrow for Clash Day! From 12 to 2 p.m., Our general manager Dan will be playing your favorite songs from The Clash along with Clash inspired music. Join Troy Vita and Che Salgado from 10 p.m. to midnight for some more tracks from The Clash. You’ll have the perfect jams while you’re getting ready for your […]

todayFebruary 6, 2018 2

"Hyperview" album cover from the band Title Fight


Title Fight’s “Hyperview”

Artist-Title Fight Album- Hyperview Released- February 3, 2015 Label- ANTI- Website- Hyperview, at first listen, can be very confusing for long time listeners of Title Fight. Right when you hear the opening track, you will doubt whether this is the right band or not. With the releases of Shed (2011) and Floral Green (2012), Title Fight had established their genre as a punk rock band, a melodic hardcore band […]

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