Portugal. The Man: Woodstock Review

By Carlos Chavez
Music Journalist

Artist: Portugal. The Man
Album: Woodstock
Release Date: June 16, 2017
Website: www.portugaltheman.com

Portugal. The Man is back on the music scene with their eighth studio album Woodstock. After putting a halt in releasing any content for almost three years, the band finally emerged from their creative stasis and released their highly anticipated album.

In the midst of the current political climate, lead singer John Gourley wanted to note his own feelings and thoughts on the current societal and political unease through this album. The band does so very discretely in tracks like “Noise Pollution”, attributing the pervasiveness of untrustworthy news.

Woodstock also takes on a more commercially inclined and relatable sound, making it easily approachable to potential new fans. And although the album takes on a lot more progressive melodies, their psychedelic rock and hip-hop base that could be easily distinguished in previous albums like Evil Friends and American Ghetto can still be found throughout the album in songs like “Rich Friends” and “Live in The Moment”.

Despite the band’s’ experimental genre shift, Woodstock is a head nodding groovy album that is impeccable for this summer.

Portugal. The Man is heading off on their 2017 Summer tour starting July 25th, and will be performing at both weekends of Austin City Limits in October.

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