It’s Not Worth Being a Naysayer About Valentine’s Day

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By Allison Johnson
Assistant Web Content Manager

The older we get, the more cynical we become of holidays. Every year I find myself saying, “It doesn’t even feel like Christmas.” We lose the fun in everything simply because we’re not celebrating the holiday like we used to. If your parents are divorced or you are separated from your family a lot because of college, you understand. Family isn’t together like it used to be. If that’s not the case for you, maybe your family is getting lazy with their cooking and you can no longer hype up anyone’s casserole or pecan pie ever again, so you hate holiday dinners. I’m sorry.

The whole gist of this is that we look at what makes holidays stink the older we get. The traveling, occasional bickering with family… you get it. I have to say though, unless your ex has just traumatized Valentine’s Day for you I think it’s still a holiday for us to be happy about. Yes, I know, you should express your love to your significant other every day. As you should also be thankful for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be thankful for your family every day, just not two days of the year. Cool, doesn’t mean we can’t observe a holiday.

These jokes are played out. We get it, you’re single. Photo via Facebook.

Singles, we can still celebrate Valentine’s Day. You and other singles can always hang out over dinner, or do something as simple as watching your favorite rom-coms. Make it a celebration of your own. You know how Hallmark Christmas movies get you into the Christmas spirit last minute? Lucky for you, they have Valentine’s Day movies as well. If you’re going to go the movie route, I recommend anything with Ryan Reynolds or Matthew McConaughey. You and your friends could make treats, like chocolate covered strawberries or cookies. Let’s be honest, if we’re single we probably aren’t expecting any sweets from a significant other, so go all out for your friends and spoil each other. If you’re fine without celebrating, that’s fine. Just don’t be bitter about people celebrating it.

Embrace a different kind of celebration from now on with holidays. Start with Valentine’s Day. Implement some fun. If you don’t have anyone to do anything sweet for you, do it for them. Buy some flowers for your sister. She may not have a valentine either. Choose to do something that will get you involved in the holiday, and I promise a better Valentine’s Day will come your way one day.

Featured image courtesy of Allison Johnson.

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  1. Sparkyjen on February 14, 2018

    I agree. When I was little I remember us kids exchanging Valentines cards with our classmates, and our teachers. We were quite single back then. It was fun to see who received one from whom, and sometimes you simply gave a little card to everyone in your class. Then we grow up and what happens? Some celebrate and some shun what I consider a commercial holiday yes, but also an opportunity to spread some love. You don’t have to be married, engaged or dating to do so.

    Maybe we need to remember the “child” in each of us. Give a card or greeting to yourself, your family members, friends, the produce person at your favorite grocery store because you love the way they always stock your favorite fresh veggies. Be creative, and make it as much fun and exciting as it once was, and can still be today!

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