Sewell Park River with the words "Just Breathe."

How to Relieve Stress

By Lauren Jurgemeyer
Blog Content Contributor

The further we get into this fall semester the more we have piling up on our plates. Tests, due dates and the ever-growing demands of school begin to bear down on your shoulders–students begin to feel like Atlas holding up the sky. Thankfully, we have breaks to look forward too, but those can seem so far away.

Here are some ways to relieve your stress:

Know your limits.

Don’t overbook yourself. Personally, I have the propensity to put too much on myself and I recognize that. Be willing to ask for help or say no; you don’t have to do it all alone and you don’t have to do every single thing asked of you. Of course saying no rarely applies to school, but when it comes to extracurriculars it is okay to not be involved. If your other priorities are becoming too demanding, don’t let a club or something stress you out further.

Take a bath or a shower.

One of the best feelings in the world is hot water. Whether you are in a dorm in an apartment, a shower should be readily available to you. If your homework becomes so overwhelming that you can’t seem to concentrate, get up and go take a short or long shower. Take the time to yourself; collect your thoughts and let some of the stress release.

Listen to music.

Music can be a calming source or relaxation. Opt for songs that are calming and not stressful to listen to. For studying or doing homework, instrumental music is a great source because your brain can’t get distracted by wanting to sing along. Other than that, calming tones or slow songs are good to listen to. Did you know that your heart rate changes with the music you listen to? It can! Music can actually lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Take a walk.

Similar to taking a shower, if you are feeling overwhelmed remove yourself from the situation and go take a walk. Go be outside if you can and breathe in the fresh air. San Marcos has a lovely river–go spend some time watching the water and the fish swim by. Watching fish or marine life can actually soothe you.

Stress is relative–don’t let people tell you that you cannot be stressed because you don’t have as many responsibilities as them. Know yourself, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed take a break. Make plans on how you can overcome due dates and relax. It is okay to be stressed, it is normal, in fact. Don’t let stress defeat you though.

Featured image by Lauren Jurgemeyer.


2 thoughts on “How to Relieve Stress

  1. Excellent advice! It’s nice to know that others feel as overwhelmed as I do, at times. I like your advice about knowing your limits and that stress is relative to the person.

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