Black background with the constellations drawn within two circles.

A Chat with Fernando Monroy

By Caden Ziegler
Web Content Contributor

Fernando Monroy is an artist from Mexico that I have been following on Twitter (@freakmonroe) for years, and every time he posts new photos of his art I am simply blown away. His talents cease to amaze me; they are so varied and unique.

Monroy’s most popular art usually involves celebrities, specifically musical artists. He has entire series dedicated to one artist, such as the “QUEEN B” series for Beyoncé. That being said, he doesn’t only draw celebrities. He also edits existing photographs, or does his own rendition of famous art pieces, like those of Fragonard and Vermeer. 

Caden Ziegler: How did you get started with art and how long have you been drawing? 

Fernando Monroy: I’ve been drawing since I can remember, but I’ve been doing it more professionally for the past seven years; pop culture has been a great influence for my work and the main reason I started to draw.

CZ: How would you describe your style? 

FM: Like a Warholian experience, using pop culture as my main inspiration and giving my own twist to it.

CZ: Why do you choose to draw celebrities? 

FM: I’ve always loved to draw them, I really don’t know why. Especially female celebrities, I think there’s something powerful in them that makes me want to draw them.

CZ: What medium do you use?

FM: Most of my work is done in iPad, using an app called procreate but I also like working on oil paint and acrylic.

CZ: How often do you create art? 

FM: I do art on a daily basis, I’m always sketching or drawing. I think that practice and hard work are more important than talent. Don’t get me wrong, I think talent is an important part, but without the hard work, talent is useless.

CZ: What are your next steps/goals with your art?

FM: I want to expose my art and share it… with the world. I think that’s my main goal, to touch as many people as possible.

CZ: How would you describe your transformation over the years as an artist?

FM: I think my art is always changing and evolving. I hate to do the same all the time so my style is always morphing.

Monroy definitely puts the hard work in, drawing daily and putting in the time to network. He did a partnership with Adobe Photoshop for their #PeopleOfPride month, which is an incredible achievement.

Simply scrolling through his timeline shows just how versatile his talents are. Every few weeks there is a post with a new style that he manages to pull of expertly, while still remaining to have that Monroy-esque look. He also posts his art on Instagram, @fmonroyr, which is a great way to see his evolution over time. 

If you love pop culture, art and music then Monroy is a must-follow on all of his social media. 

Featured image courtesy of Fernando Monroy.

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