he album cover is a headshot of Instupendo. He’s wearing an orange fitted turtleneck and has blonde hair. Behind him is a pink and silver backdrop.

Instupendo: Boys by Girls Album Review

By Anthony Velasquez
Music Journalist

Album:Boys by Girls
Release Date: June 5, 2019
Website: https://www.instupendo.com/

Philadelphia-based indie electronic, ambient artist-producer, Instupendo got his start by releasing instrumentals on Soundcloud as a pre-teen. Since then, he has released upwards of a dozen projects of instrumentals and collaborations including two prior EP’s, 2017’s Friend of a Friend and 2018’s Faces I Know. On June 5, Instupendo released his third EP Boys by Girls, the first to feature his own vocals.

In comparison, Instupendo’s previous releases have been instrumental heavy. That’s not to say that Boys by Girls lacks quality instrumentation, but this time around Instupendo has allowed for his messages to come through his own voice and lyrics.

In a Bandcamp interview, Instupendo said, “I found that I had something to say that I couldn’t accomplish purely through instrumentals,” said Instupendo. “After a lot of experimentation, I achieved a point of comfort with my voice and it became part of the sonic direction of the project.”

Throughout the EP, there are three songs that hold true to Instupendo’s ambient instrumentals: tracks one, five and seven, “Entrance”, “Pinch” and “Sugar”. The songs play perfectly and set a serene escape of sound for an entrance, mid tracklist and exit song. Listen to this EP once and it will oscillate you to another planet. One of Boys by Girls most recognized vocal tracks is “Cinderella”, with its dreamy, trance-like chorus: “Waiting for the first move I can’t make, Still stuck on the idea of your taste (and), This is it, You’ll never leave my mind (my mind).”

Earlier this year, Toro Y Moi released “50-50 feat. Instupendo” on his Outer Peace LP, saving the best duo on the album for last. A change of styles from ambient and dreamy house to groove, catchy lyrics and hazy day dreams, but a step in a new exciting direction. In a recent Sundae Sauuce (music label promoting the best sounds of funk and electronic music) interview, Instupendo talks about his current collaborations with a “high school friend,” Elijah Kessler and Chaz Bear, also known as Toro Y Moi. Sounds like magic in the making.

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